useful liqueur for your bar

10 Incredibly useful liqueur for your bar

In this tutorial we will study about 10 useful liqueur for your bar.

Liqueurs are sweetened alcoholic drinks that can add variety to your cocktail menu.

These liqueurs are classics and you must definitely keep them in the bar

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Liqueurs are defined as sweetened and flavoured alcoholic drinks. It is usually served as an after-dinner drink. Liqueurs are also used as bases for many cocktails.

They were originally made in the early days for medicinal purposes. Infusing alcohol with remedial herbs, spices, fruits and barks was a good way of preserving their medicinal qualities.

Liqueurs can be divided into two basic categories, fruit liqueurs and plant liqueurs. The liqueur can be colourless or can have a colour depending on how it is made.

Some liqueurs are made by infusing water or alcohol with fruits, flowers and woods while others may be distilled

In this video, we will learn about 10 incredibly useful liqueur for your bar. These help you to make great cocktails and improve the variety in your bar selection. If you are new here, this video is made by hotel tutor dot com. But more about us later.

My favourite liqueur is Baileys Irish Cream. It is creamy brown and has a blend of Irish whiskey and cream. It has 17% alcohol and is a great after-dinner drink.

Another liqueur used in many cocktails is Cointreau. Made with orange and brandy, Cointreau is a clear drink from France and is made with orange and brandy as its base.

3rd on the list is Galliano. It is a very complex liqueur made with herbs, roots, berries, anise, liquorice and vanilla. It is made in Italy and is yellow. It comes in a very tall bottle that you cannot miss.

If you like coffee-based drinks, then Kahlua is a drink that you will enjoy. Made with rum and flavoured with coffee, this dark liqueur is used in many popular cocktails. It is made in Mexico and can have up to 38 % alcohol.

5th on the list is Malibu. It is a coconut-based liqueur from Jamaica and this drink is clear in colour. It is not too sweet making it an excellent choice in tropical cocktails.

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Alright back to the list of liqueurs.

If you work in a bar, the green bottle of Midori is unmistakable. Made with melons in Japan, it has more than 20% alcohol by volume.

Another popular liqueur is the grand Marnier. It is an orange flavoured drink made with brandy. It is from France and has about 40 % alcohol.

Another great after-dinner drink is Sambuca. It is a liquorice flavoured drink from Italy. It has about 38% alcohol by volume.

Drambuie is a whiskey and honey flavoured liqueur from Scotland. It is golden in colour and has around 40% alcohol by volume.

Finally, we have various creme. They are usually made with brandy or other spirit bases. Cassis is red, Creme de menthe is green in colour and mint flavoured, and creme de cacao has a flavour of cocoa beans and vanilla.

So these are some of the liqueurs that you usually use in a bar. These 10 liqueurs will be incredibly useful in improving your sales.

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