10 steps to a clean and hygienic kitchen

To maintain hygiene standards in the kitchen, you have to ensure that it is cleaned daily. In this tutorial , we will look at the process that you can undertake to keep a clean and hygienic kitchen.

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Before you begin any work, make sure the team has appropriate personal protective equipment or PPE. Collect all tools and place appropriate signs on the floor like a wet floor or cleaning in progress so that team members are aware and do not slip and fall.

Always start cleaning from the ceiling. That way, all dirt will fall to the ground and that will eventually be cleaned up. Ensure the ceiling and the hoods or exhausts are cleaned first and if required use appropriate chemicals.

Next, clean all the vertical surfaces with a sanitising spray and wipe them off. This includes wall tiles, and any glass partitions or doors. While cleaning glass, use the appropriate glass cleaner.

After that clean chopping tools like knives and chopping boards with detergent. Rinse them thoroughly and soak them in the sanitiser solution. Clean the big equipment like cooking range, oven, racks, tables etcetera. These types of equipment must be made of stainless steel and when required clean them with detergent and water.

After you have cleaned the big equipment, clear the debris from the sink and clean the taps with detergent.

Ideally, make and follow a cleaning schedule for all types of equipment so that you cover all of them every day and do not miss anything.

At this stage, clear the debris from the floor and throw it in the dustbin. Empty the bin and bag the bin liner. Replace the bin liner.

After that, scrub the floor with a floor cleaner and appropriate tools. Squeeze out the water and then mop the floor with a damp mop.

Finally, fill out a cleaning checklist and record any maintenance issues or pest sightings.

By following this procedure, you can make sure that your kitchen is clean and hygienic.

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