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3 things your boss expect you to know about swimming pool in your hotel

The swimming pool in your hotel is among the most complex equipment in the building.

While it looks simple enough and has just a few filters and pumps, you should remember that the pool is almost like a living organism.

If you don’t take care of it, it can easily become cloudy, covered with algae or just become unusable.

A pool acts as a focal point of a guest experience in any hotel.

Even in busy business hotels where guest do not use a pool by itself, it acts as an additional venue for fnb operations, providing extra revenue for the prime space that the pool occupies.

With the pool occupying a large area of the public space, it is necessary that the swimming pool in your hotel is maintained in pristine condition.

Cleaning and performing regular maintenance on your pool will allow you to offer this space to your guest without interruption.

However things go wrong as mentioned earlier and when it does, your boss will look towards you to fix the issue.

He will expect you to know the answers to these 3 questions that can plague your swimming pool

How much does the swimming pool in your hotel cost to maintain?

While this is more of a question based on the design of the pool, general thumb rule says, it will cost more to maintain an indoor temperature controlled swimming pool . Since indoor pools are meant to be all weather, you will need to maintain it at a constant temperature of 29 deg C or 85 deg F. Depending on the electricity cost, you may need to incur cost in heating the pool. Outdoor pools on the other hand do not cost that much as the heating cost is not there.

Other cost include chemicals to maintain the clarity of water, and maintenance of the filter and the pumps used to recirculate the water.

Other than this, you will need to top up water in the pool which is an expense if you are buying water. Once way to check that the water level is not dropping daily is to check for leaks in the pipes or equipment.

What to do when the swimming pool is cloudy?

Before we get to address the issue of cloudy swimming pool, ensure you are doing these task daily to prevent it from getting cloudy.

  • Manually suction sweep the pool daily and remove floating objects
  • Keep the skimmers clean and free of debris
  • Operate the filters for the recommended hours
  • Maintain your proper chlorine (between 1 and 2 ppm) and PH level (between 7.2 and 7.6)

Even after all the efforts it becomes cloudy, administer a chlorine shock treatment  and add an algaecide to the water to kill the algae. Continue to suction sweep the pool daily till it becomes clear.

How to maintain safety in swimming pool?

Swimming pools are responsible for a number of accidental drowning cases each year. According to the World Health Organisation it is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional `injury or death worldwide

Many countries have passed laws that provide guidelines for safety in swimming pools.

So what can you do to promote safety in your swimming pool?

  • Signage and warnings are easiest to maintain and should be properly visible
  • Rescue devices such as shepherds hook and ring should be available to help swimmers
swimming pool in your hotel
Shepard’s Hook
Ring and rope
  • Ensure proper drain covers that prevent entrapment by suction. Do not use a flat grate cover
  • Install proper barricade, anti skid tiles, and safety alarms
  • Train staff on CPR and administering first aid

In Conclusion:

The swimming pool is a great amenity to the hotel and it will be your job to keep it in prime condition and make sure it is safe for guest to use.

You need to know how much it cost to maintain it so that when it comes to organizing pool parties, you can keep a check on the prices

You also must ensure safety of guest by following safety and visual standards

Keeping the pool sparkling is a lot of routine work which you need to do every day so that the swimming pool in your hotel remains sparkling clear.

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