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4 Ideas to impress your guest during the Hotel site visit

Every once in a while, guests will come for a hotel site visit. This can be during the hotel opening, or even to fix a meeting or social event.

During the visit, you have a chance to impress your guest and make a good impression.

Here are ways to impress them and seal the deal.

Be Present

What I mean by that is if you have a fixed appointment, do not overbook your calendar. Might sound very easy and basic, but at times we have 2 or 3 guests coming at the same time. By giving your full attention to your guest, you will be able to provide answers to their questions and queries. That way you have more chances of cracking the deal while they are in the hotel.

Warm Welcome

When your guest visits the hotel, welcoming them warmly by being present in the lobby goes a long way in creating trust. The feeling of someone receiving them on arrival will provide you with goodwill that cannot be explained. I have won conferences in the past due to this strategy. At max you will need to spend 10 minutes extra in the lobby, waiting while your guest comes to the hotel.

Organise for a welcome drink or tea as soon as they arrive.

Customise Lobby or Banquet Signage

You have a screen at a prominent place at the lobby in your hotel. Imagine walking into a hotel and having a “Welcome to the hotel, Mr. Shah and Family” signage . If you are Mr. Shah planning a wedding in hotel, chances are you will be impressed with the gesture.

Hotels are all about pampering our guest and what a better way to do that than with some customisation and personalisation.

Stage the venue

An empty banquet hall gives an impression of being unprepared. Set up the hall, turn on the lights and show the guest what can be rather than having them to imagine. Showcase a portfolio of past events and success stories.

In the guest room, make sure you showcase all the features and benefits that the guest will get. Showcase different room type and try to upsell the next category.

In conclusion

Impress your guest during a hotel site visit and close the deal. By personalising the visit, we have more chances of making a positive impression on the guest and improving our chance of closing the deal

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