4 sources to hire for your hotel

During opening of your hotel, you will need to hire the entire team of people. If you work for a chain of hotels, you will be lucky to have some internal transfer

However if you are an independent hotel, you will need to hire all your staff from scratch.

In this post let’s look at 4 sources to hire for your hotel.

Walk in Interview

Walk in Interview are easily the best format of interview for hiring large numbers. However if you are an unknown brand, do not expect people to line up when you advertise your hiring.

In order to create a buzz among potential candidates, you will need to create an advertising campaign targeted at recruitment.

This will have to be a well thought out strategy with social media and print ad, so that it generates interest in potential employees in large numbers.

You will need to generate a mass interest in your hotel, because not all who come will be a right fit. Expect to hire 15- 18% of the people who walk in to the interview since many will not be a right fit.

Plan for a day or two of walk in interview and also plan for multiple location if you have a bandwidth to conduct them

College campus

College campus interviews are generally a modified version of the Walk in interview. Here instead of candidates coming over to your place, you go to the college and spend the day screening candidates.

You may have to repeat this in various campus for you to get adequate numbers and be prepared to have some days in hand to finish the hiring schedule.

Job boards

Job boards like Naukri and Monster can help you give access to potential candidates. However they are notorious for the quality of candidates and you will need to spend time screening them thoroughly.

Best way to do that is first screen for freshness of the resume before anything, because people make a login id and then forget to update their information on the site.

Referrals and Social media

This is by far the most successful method of hiring. But for it to work, you will need some candidates that you have already hired.

This hiring works on the premise that your present candidate will be interested in helping their friends out and will refer them. Usually some sort of incentive will make the process worthwhile for both you and your employees

In this day of social media, Linkedin can also become a potential source of candidates and you can use your existing network to hire employees.

In Conclusion

Your sources to hire for your hotel during opening phase of your hotel need not be limited. However for it to work you need to create buzz about your hotel.

Sources to hire for your hotel are Walk in interview, College campus, Referrals , Social media and Job boards

Leverage these sources effectively to hire the numbers you want for the opening of your hotel.

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