5 steps to do a menu change in your restaurant

5 steps to change the menu in your restaurant

When you change the menu in the restaurant, these 5 steps will help you to implement the menu change properly.

Prefer to read the steps to change the menu in your restaurant

Hi there, in this video today, let me tell you how to do a menu change in your restaurant.

We usually follow this process whenever we need to change a menu in the restaurant.

This video today is about the steps to do a menu change in your restaurant.

Why do you need to change the menu in your restaurant?

You will need to do a menu change to keep your menu fresh. However, if you change the menu, you may want to retain some fast-moving and profitable items from the existing menu. For that, you will need to do menu engineering to your existing menu. You have not heard about menu engineering?

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Ok, so the first step is to do a menu engineering of your current menu, to learn which items are popular and profitable. Retain them on your new menu as well. You will also have some dogs when you do the menu engineering. Remove them from the menu and add new items to the menu.

The second step is to do a menu costing. Prepare the standard recipe and calculate the food cost and potential cost of the dishes. This will help you decide the pricing of your dishes.

The next step is to do a market survey to see what your competitors are charging for similar dishes. This will also help you to price your menu. Pricing is a big topic. You can price your menu items on the cost-plus profit method or competitor benchmark method. These 2 methods are really popular and you decide what works for you.

After you have decided on the menu price, do print it out, do proofreading to correct any spelling mistakes, and print the final menu. Make sure you include any allergen information and the calorie value in the menu so that you are compliant with legal regulations.

After you do all this, the next step is to train your team to sell the dish. Do food tasting, and explain the menu items to the service staff so that they can confidently refer the dishes to the guest.

So with these five steps, you can change the restaurant menu. Needless to say, the last point, training the team is very critical. We have more than 200 videos on our Youtube channel, and on our website, we have more than 65 free courses. This can help you and your team learn for free, and improve your career.

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