5 ways to make cocktails that can make you a master bartender

Cocktails are drinks that have been rising in popularity over the years. Craftsmen or bartenders are running experiments to stretch the limit of what they can do.

From making home made bitters to working with liquor manufacturers, cocktails are reaching for new heights.

But for all the hype, the making of cocktails is fairly simple and basic. The 5 ways to make a cocktail has not changed in a long time and knowing this can make you a master bartender.

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Welcome to yet another tutorial from Hoteltutor.com. Cocktails have been popular for a long time, and in this video lets us learn about the various ways in which you can make cocktails.

The most important technique is shaking. The proper use of a shaker can make all the difference between a good drink and a mediocre drink. Depending on the shaker, the technique will change. But the key to a good shaken drink is to shake it like you mean it.

The idea is to incorporate the water from the ice that you add to the drink. But remember that carbonated drinks should never be shaken.

Stirred drinks are made by stirring the drink and ice. Like shaking, stirring cannot be rushed and you will need to stir the drink at least 50 times for the drink to get cold.

To stir drinks a long-handled spoon is used.

The third method is Muddling. Muddling has become popular due to the popularity of drinks like mojito and caipirinha. The flat end of the muddler is used to crush ingredients and release essential oils from mint, lime or other fruits. For best results, make sure the fruit is crushed and the flavours come out.

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Building cocktails means adding each layer on top of another layer. A layered cocktail is a visually appealing drink and the key is to pour drinks of various densities with the heaviest ones at the bottom and the lightest ones at the top.

A variation of the building is a technique called float. Floating is adding a small amount of liquid that sits on top of the cocktail without it getting mixed. The procedure is simple. Just add the drink over the back of a bar spoon.

So in this video, we learnt about shaking, stirring, muddling, building and floating. If you master these 5 techniques of making drinks, you will be on your way to mastering the craft of making cocktails. And to make cocktails, you will need to know about liqueurs. Watch this video next to learn about 10 useful liqueurs that you need to keep in your bar.

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