7 Steps to on board your new employees

You will need to replace people who quit your hotel and on board your new employees so that they hit the ground running.

On an average 25- 30 % of your team will quit in a year, so you will spend time and money replacing them.

If you do not on board your new employees properly you will loose time and money in the process.

It takes at least 4 months for new team members to settle down and feel comfortable with your hotel work culture. It can even stretch upto 2 years till they are really productive.

However following these 7 steps can speed up the process a little bit:

Plan for a Day 1 welcome for new hires

Joining any hotel is a big event for the employee. While you may have someone joining every week, if you make it special for the new employee, chances are they will stick around longer.

Apart from the normal filling of forms etc, a simple welcome kit or an introduction with other hod and their assigned buddy will go a long way in welcoming the new employee.

Make an on boarding calendar that you can replicate easily with all new hires

If you have to replace 30% of your staff in any given year, there are chances that you will have at least one new team member joining every week. I am sure you are busy with running the operation and managing other aspects of the business.

Having a onboarding checklist will help all team members have a consistent experience.

We can help you create a custom onboarding checklist for your team and give them access to lifetime of learning and development. Learn more about the team plan

Send a formal information about the new team member

Your employees typically will spend a majority of their day in the hotel. Introduce them to the other team members with a simple mail or update in cafeteria. Introduce them to other during townhall or similar forums

Make sure they know what to do

As soon as possible, give the new employee a copy of the job description. This will help them to know what is expected out of them. Apart from the job description, a clear 90 day path will help them settle down and concentrate on the job.

Assign a buddy to the new employee if possible

If your hotel has a program for a senior person to act as a buddy, assign it to the new joinee immediately. A buddy can help and guide them during the first few months of the job. It also offers a new employee an additional resource to go to if they face any challenge with the job.

Schedule frequent meeting during the first 90 days

The most critical duration of the new employee is the first 90 days. It is within this time that they decide whether they want to work with your hotel. Schedule frequent meeting with them so that they feel valued. This is also a chance for them to talk about any challenge they would be facing in the department.

Allow time for training

Every one need training to be able to work effectively. But I am sure the hotel is busy and you need everyone to be on the shopfloor to effectively manage the operations.

However by giving the team the tools to train, you can help them help you. With access to the online content library for your hotel employees, they can effectively learn anywhere during their free time.

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