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A beginners guide to Hotel Positioning

If you are opening a hotel you need to be mindful about your hotel positioning. Your decision on the positioning will virtually decide everything you do to market your hotel – from the website to the sales brochure of your hotel.

So what is Hotel Positioning.

Positioning your hotel is a key decision that involves deciding what is your USP that you can offer the market and who will you compete with in the market.

There are 3 key areas to consider when you plan your hotel positioning. The Target audience, why they should choose your hotel and how you will deliver the experience

Target Audience

Your first step while deciding the hotel positioning should revolve around this decision. You may have to do a detailed analysis to understand who do you want to target.

While some of the decision may already have been made due to the building design or brand affiliation, you may need to define it a little bit further for your hotel.

Take a look at the positioning of Novotel brand for Accor hotels.

At Novotel, we believe that quality time is about making everyday moments matter. Everything has been thought to enhance our guests’ life balance, sense of well being but also enjoyment. Whether through our intuitive & modern design or our large range of rewarding experiences, everyone can disconnect from a busy life or make time to connect with their family, friends or colleagues. This combination makes Novotel the perfect spot for travellers and locals to have a drink, a bite to eat, to work, play or just relax.

However if you run a Novotel in Mumbai or Chennai your target audience may be different even though you run a similar hotel brand hotel. Even within the same city your target audience for the same brand may be different. e.g Novotel Sipcot will cater to IT sector, and the Novotel Chamiers will cater to business in the city.

So even before you begin, spend time to understand the market

Rather than a broad statement like ” Family vacations ” a more targeted statement like ” “For the curious explorer” will help you to define experiences in the hotel that cater to your target market

Key benefits to guest

This is the next step in making a positioning statement. Why should your guest choose your hotel rather than the competition.

  • What are the brand promise that you can cater to
  • Does the hotel let your relax or provides high energy
  • Will you offer experiences or familiarity and comfort

While defining the key benefits take care not to define benefits based on price for example value for money offer, etc.

Relaxing tropical island
City hotel

Key benefit is a statement telling what you can offer your guest.

How will you deliver it?

Your positioning statement must deliver on what is the promise and how you plan to deliver it to the guest. Statements like intimate experiences, crafted culinary delights , warm and intuitive service paint a picture of the experience the guest can expect if they choose your hotel.

Once you have your 3 segments ready put it together in a statement like this

For the road weary travelers who have an early morning flight to catch, The Boston Airport hotel offers a place to relax before they head off to the next destinations. through a 24 hours spa to pamper your tired body and a room with noise cancelling acoustics

Sample only.

In Conclusion

A Hotel positioning document is a key document that can drive your marketing for the next few years. Take time to deep dive and make this important document. It will help you in all forms of marketing for your hotel and help you attract the right kind of guest to the hotel.

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