Arrival Departure Baggage Handling [SOP – FO]

Name of the SOP: Arrival and Departure Baggage Handling

Department: Front Office

Objective : To ensure smooth and efficient handling of the guest baggage 


Follow the below procedure when the coach / car reaches the porch area.

  • You will need to initiate a security check for the bags (“Sir / Madam, may I request your bags for a security check?”). ( If available)
  • After the security check is complete, the bell boy brings the bags to the bell desk and puts the arrival tags on the received baggage.
  • After the check-in procedure, the guest is asked by the Front Desk associate to identify their bags (“Mr. / Ms _____, could you please help identify your baggage and may I have a look at your room number?”). Associate should not ask for the room number from the guest to maintain privacy of the room number.
  • Once the pieces of baggage are identified by the guest, The bell desk associate writes the room number and the total number of bags he/she has got on each tag and their counter foils are given to the guest, informing them that it needs to be returned to the person delivering the baggage to his/her room – ‘Mr/Ms _______, may I request you to return the counter foils to the associate once the baggage is delivered to your room’
  • Before the bell desk associate takes the bags to the guest room the room number, number of bags, the name of the associate and the time at which the associate takes the bags are noted down on the concierge tracking sheet.
  • Once the bell desk associate completes the task of delivering the bags to the guest room, the counter foils are returned and stored at the bell desk, and the associate makes a note of the errand on his errand card.

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