Avoid missing luggage at bell desk

As a front office employee, your role at the bell desk is crucial in ensuring a seamless experience for guests. By following the 5 steps in the video, you can minimize the risk of missing luggage at bell desk and provide exceptional service.

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The first step to avoiding a mix-up of luggage is to label the bags properly.

I am sure you have a baggage tag in the hotel. Use it. It is better than depending on memory. Fill out the luggage tag in full with all information. For guests checking in, write down the number of bags that you have handled. For guests checking out, write the room number as well on the tag, so that you do not mix up the bags.

Immediately enter the details in a baggage handling register. If you do not have one make it. This register must have all details of the bags handled as well as the name of the person who handled the bags. This can help you later in case of any investigation into missing bags.

When guests drop off their luggage, actively engage in a conversation to understand their needs. Request their contact information, including a phone number or room number, to ensure proper communication. Offer a receipt or any written confirmation specifying where their bags will be stored. Ask guests to keep the receipt safe as it will be required for retrieving their belongings later.

Instruct guests to carefully inspect each piece of luggage before leaving the bell desk area. Encourage them to verify luggage tags, distinctive features, and contact information to ensure the bags belong to them. Remind guests to approach the bell desk staff immediately if they suspect a mix-up or cannot locate their bags. Ensure

If your hotel does not have CCTV coverage in the left luggage room, and the areas where the baggage handover happens, install a few to cover these critical areas. That way if in case mix-up does happen, you can easily audit the transactions.

By following these steps and incorporating them into your daily operations at the bell desk, you will significantly reduce the occurrence of luggage mix-ups and ensure a positive experience for hotel guests. Remember, clear communication, attention to detail, and proactive problem-solving are key to avoiding such issues.

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