Classic malts of Scotland

In a world of change and power struggle, one section of beverages continue to dominate the whiskey market.

The classic malts of Scotland each tell a story that is much more than the whiskey itself. It is a story of the land, the culture and the people behind the beverages.

This post is about 5 such single malt from Scotland, that have been carefully selected to highlight the regional difference. Each malt is authentic in taste and aroma and this post will help you to sell the whiskey in your bar with confidence.


Considered the best place for a distillery in Scotland the South east with its fine soil produces the best barley that is grown in Scotland. Founded by the Rate brothers in 1817, the proximity to the hills provide easy access to a soft water that is the base for the whiskey.

Glenkinchie has not been widely available in the past as a single malt and it is this rarity that makes it even more appreciated

The best single malt from its collection is the Glenkinchie 10 which is the smokiest of all Lowland malts.

It is a pre dinner drink and has a light delicate nose, clean aroma and pale colour. The taste is smooth with a hint of dryness.


A very distinctive Speyside malt, this malt was first distilled in 1869, when the founder John Smith founded the distillery.

The source of water for this whiskey is pure spring water flowing over hard greenstone rock. The distillery itself was built from greenstone quarried from the hills of Craggan Mor. The distillery is based in Speyside and was the first distillery to make use of locomotive to transport its whiskey.

The distinctive whiskey has a good firm body, malty smoky finish and the taste of excellence is imparted through 12 years of maturing


The distillery is located high on the wild, windswept moors of the Grampian mountain in the Northern Highlands. Surrounded by the ancient forests and granite rocks, the distillery has stood since 1898 in this isolated moor land, over 1000 ft above sea level and higher than any distillery.

Yet from the hostile environment, the purest and gentle Highland malt is produced. Only the pure cold water from the nearby abundant spring at Lochan an Doire-uaine is used.

Such pureness of the water imparts the soft Dalwhinnie. It is an ideal alternative to liqueurs since it has a heathery delicate finish and has a fruity sweet aroma. This is an aromatic malt with a light taste and an easy to drink malt.


The unique character of this fine Highland Malt is inherited from its unusual location. Oban is a port on the West Highland coast to the west of Scotland. The area has an ancient history of settlement, dating right back to the prehistoric times of the stone age.

Founded in 1794, the Oban distillery is one of the earliest in the country. The distillery produces a Single malt that is quite distinctive and it is unique due to the mixed nature of its location. Close to Islay yet without the heaviness and peatiness. It is classified as a Highland Malt, yet it is distinct.

The best Oban is the 14 year old. A fresh, delicate hint of peat in the aroma and a long smooth finish help to place it in a unique position between the Islay and the Highlands.


Talisker is distilled from the only distillery on the Isle of Skye. Using water from a spring, the whiskey is bottled for the enjoyment of those who seek the unique marine character. Full flavoured with a unique distinctive peaty taste, it explodes on the palate and lingers on. It has a well balanced palate with a sweet aroma. The best from the stable is the 10 year old malt.

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