Cleaning Glass and Mirror- HK SOP


To provide a clean room for guests and ensure that all mirrors and glass surfaces are clean and sparkling.


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  • All exterior glass on the hotel should be cleaned using the “Spiderman Kit” as per the cleaning schedule .
  • A letter announcing the cleaning will be placed in all guest rooms to avoid privacy issues.
  • All glass / mirrors in respective areas and guest rooms are to be cleaned by the widow cleaner and information to be passed on to particular area shift incharge.
  • Glass cleaner should be used to clean glass / mirrors.
  • Chemicals should never be sprayed directly on glass / mirrors; it should always be sprayed on a duster and then applied to the surface.
  • After cleaning the glass / mirrors, check for streak marks; if there are streak marks, buff the surface with a dry duster.
  • While cleaning glass / mirrors at high level, proper safety measures such as belts, helmets and long-handle squeezes should be used.
  • Wipe glass / mirrors with dry glass dusters (or a window squeeze if it is excessively wet).

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