Cleaning Vanity Counter – HK SOP


To ensure that the vanity counters and wash basins in both guest rooms and public areas are regularly kept clean.


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  • Collect the materials required to clean the vanity counter (i.e. marble safe cleaner, white scrubbing pad, squeeze and sponge).
  • Remove any and all items from the vanity counter; if cleaning an occupied room, carefully place the guests’ items atop a towel on one side of the vanity counter.
  • Once the vanity counter is empty, clean the area with hot water and a white scrubbing pad without applying the chemical.
  • Ensure that the wash basin fixtures are cleaned using hot water and a sponge.
  • Clean the wash basin’s drainage stopper with a toothbrush and cleaner before rinsing it under hot water.
  • Check the wash basin for overflow of any accumulated dirt.
  • Cleaner is only to be used inside the wash basin and not on the vanity counter as it may cause damage to the surface material.
  • After cleaning the area, wipe it with a red piping duster.
  • Check for maintenance (e.g., plugged drain or slow drain, low water flow, soap dispenser not working or needed refill, etc.).
  • Upon completion, replace the supplies as per standards.
  • If the room is occupied, all guest items should be rearranged properly without changing their prior placement.
  • In public areas, the basin must be dry wiped and the fixtures are to be buffed to shine after each use.

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