Communicating safety in the times of uncertainty

As business start to open, travel is sure to bounce back. With a change.

Guests and corporate bookers expect hygiene standards to be implemented. At the same time costs percentages are increasing due to lower sales.

If you need to survive this onslaught of slowdown, what you did in 2008 or before may not help you.

However with communication, you may be able to convince your guest about safety.

Social media and Newsletters

If you have put together a plan to keep your hotel hygenic, make sure people know about it in the wider audience. Assure your guest and key clients that you have changed your operation and now your focus is on safety of the guest.

Communicate your position on the hygiene factors via your social media channels.

The Oberoi group has put their entire SOP online in the spirit of collaboration and transparency to help other hotels make sense of the new normal.

These efforts go a long way in communicating your commitment to keep your guest in hotels safe.

Train your team

Many hotels plan to reduce their manning due to reduced occupancy. While you may be doing that to survive, take care to see which department are you cutting from and then have a robust plan to train the remaining team members on the new standards.

There can be nothing more damaging to your reputation if you are not able to deliver what you promised.

Non verbal communication

As soon as your guest walk in your brand standards should be visible in action. If you promised you will do certain things, you need to make sure that your team members deliver it.

Any compromise on part of the team members can harm your brand. Your guest will be watching every step of the way and there will be some who will be happy to take to social media to point out your mistakes.

The only way to avoid that is to make sure that your actions speak louder than your words and make sure that your team respects your commitment

In conclusion:

  • Follow the norms but also take time to communicate this to your guest and clients.
  • Train your team on the new normal for them to commit to following the standards.

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