Conference seating in Banquet

A conference set up or cluster seating is one of the most common seating styles in a banquet. In this setup, you will use round tables with all the chairs facing the speaker at the front of the room.
This setup is ideal for a conference which involves note-taking and participation or collaboration between participants. Chairs are placed facing the speaker or stage so only half the side of the table is used.
Depending on the size of the table used you can seat participants.
If you are using a 6 feet round table, you can seat 6 people comfortably and add one additional chair in case of a space constraint.
If you use a 5 feet round table, you can seat 5 people comfortably.
This set-up usually will have a centre appointment of flowers or some mints, a pencil and a notepad. You can also set up the hall according to a theme if you like.

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