Credit Limit in Hotel

To Control credit limit in hotel and to minimise skipper and bad debt loss

General Policy:

Hotel accounts need to be settled in Cash, Card or by way of Demand Draft on the day of departure, unless bill to company has been approved at the time of booking.

Procedure Details

  • Upon Check in, the Front office associate shall obtain the credit card details for guarantee and update the same in the Property management system
  • A pre authorisation will be obtained from the guest based on the mode of payment unless the guest is on the exemption list as decided by the hotel management
  • The pre authorisation should cover the room charges and also incidentals.
  • In case of guest extending the stay, additional pre authorisation needs to be taken before extending the stay.
  • The pre authorisation must be converted into a sale during guest check out or released in case the guest pays by some other mode.

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