Explain everything.. How to train your team better?

As you train your team, it is important to realize that every new person is doing this job or task for the first time.

If it is your job to train someone, it makes sense to explain everything in detail without missing any point or step. You may be training your 1st employee or 100th one. But for the person undergoing the training , it is the first time learning to do a task.

Remember these 3 easy steps to make sure that you are consistent in training your team to great performance.

Develop a training cheat sheet:

Trying to deliver a training to someone new by winging it is never a good idea. In preparation for the training, make sure you have the key points that you should try and cover.

Begin with noting down the “What is in it for them?” question. Take time to identify the answer to this question and write it down.

The other things to write on the cheat sheet is the key learning objectives and process to do a task so that you don’t forget to mention something. Sometimes some step may sound trivial or just because you have done it a million of times, you may gloss over the step. At these times remember the key point – Explain everything.

Set a fixed time schedule:

In the rush of operations, it is very easy to forget training. However treat it like any other commitment you have. Set a time, block a space, organize the tools necessary for demonstration and train you team. Setting a invite tells the person that you are serious about their development. They will feel valued and reciprocate equally.

Explain everything:

As you explain everything there is to learn about doing a task, you will find small loopholes that need to be plugged, or process that need to be streamlined differently. An employee question will also help to frame the lessons with a new perspective, something that you probably overlooked. As you explain all the steps, you put yourself in the position of a master and mentor so that you become the go to person for any help the trainee may need. This particular step increases your soft power and help you get things done.

There is a popular saying in our industry, ” I have forgotten more things than you know” . It implies the lessons and mastery that you as a trainer wield on the trainee. Use this responsibility wisely to train your team members.

As mentioned at the top of the post, every trainee deserves equal attention, however sometimes it is difficult to train people consistently given the high level of turnover.  Check out the video to to see if your organisation can benefit from the training platform on this site.

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