Facts you did not know about water with Ganesh Iyer

India’s First Certified Water Sommelier – Director Operations- VEEN India and Indian Subcontinent

About Ganesh

Ganesh is India’s first  and only certified water sommelier from Doemans Academy, Munich, Germany and also holds the title of Director Operations –India and India Subcontinent for a Finnish Company called VEEN. He has been instrumental and was part of teams that launched of some of the water brands such as Evian, Ferrarelle, Himalayan, Perrier, Qua in the Indian market.

He helps educate hoteliers and restaurateurs about fine water. He is passionate about water as much as a wine sommelier is about wines.

With his enhanced sense of taste, he can identify most of the minerals and dissolved salts in the water and is also able to identify the origins of water.

Natural water is a unique product as it is not filtered and carries the flavours of the “terroir”. Some water may be rich in calcium, some in magnesium and other in other minerals.

Ganesh represents Veen in India and if you want to implement a water program in your hotel or restaurant, he is a go to person.

Ganesh has successfully created a niche for Natural Mineral Waters with VEEN Premium Glass Packaging in India since its launch in 2012. Passionate about environment, active campaigner of mindful consumption & anti plastic crusader , Ganesh strives to continue to build awareness about the positive impact of natural mineral waters in Premium Glass Packaging with VEEN at the forefront.

When he’s not at work, he is busy trying to perfect his backhand in the game of tennis.

Photography by Olli Häkkinen / Provided by VEEN Waters.

What you will learn in this interview

  • What does a water sommelier do?
  • All about the origins of Veen. This can help you sell it better if you carry it in your restaurant.
  • Pairing food and water
  • The importance of water in improving your revenue


Veen Mineral Water

Veen Spring Water


Mixing Ideas

He continues to be featured regularly in all the major newspaper dailies and magazines through his articles. You can find mention of few of these in the below links

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Connect with Ganesh Iyer to get Veen for your Restaurant

Linkedin: Ganesh Iyer

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  1. Fateh Shekhawat says:

    It would be really great if Mr Iyer’s mail id is provided.
    Want his consultation regarding a natural spring water source .

    1. Hello Fateh,

      You may connect with Mr Iyer using Linkedin. His details are given in the post. Alternatively, we have shared your email id with him as well so that he can connect with you

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