is a resource for training hoteliers for free. On the site we have articles, video tutorials and courses that you can begin learning for free.

So the usual question is about how we make money on the site.

Why is HotelTutor offering so many materials for free?

Many small hotels and hotel groups do not have the resources that the big chains have to engage and train their team to help them develop their career in hotels. We started in 2016 with a simple goal: create training and tutorials that are easy to understand and learn. And most importantly free.

Over time we have created courses, and articles that can help the young learner. Completely free

So then how do we make money?

So the obvious question is how do we make money. Hotel tutor is a site that helps thousands of hoteliers every month. And truth be told , it is expensive to keep making these videos, and articles etc.

Our team creates and maintains the courses, articles and posts that you would find on the site.

So yes we have to make money, otherwise we would have to shut down.

Below are 3 of our primary ways we make money:

Our plan for Hotels

We offer hotels and hotel groups an option to train their team.

If you are interested, we welcome you to check out our hotel plans and contact us to get a demo.

Our Products

Over the years we have added some products to our store, that we believe can be helpful to you. These are downloadable guides that can help you with solving simple problems you face.

When you purchase any of our guides and products, it helps fund Hoteltutor.

We also have a very small selection of paid courses that can help you with deeper knowledge in the subject.


Our site sometimes runs advertising from companies interested in advertising on our site.

Our Youtube videos also have ads that helps us to make some money.

How can you help us?

To be honest, maintaining a site like Hoteltutor cost a lot of money. More than what you would pay as an emi for a small house per month.

That is why if you can help us please do so:

If you wish you can also help us with a donation of any amount by clicking on the support us button below

Why should you help us?

In a world that everything cost money, we try to spread our learning for free. There are sites and courses that charge you thousands of rupees to learn what we have to offer for free.

Our goal is to spread hospitality education for people and small hotels who cannot afford it but still want to train their teams.

If you have found Hoteltutor helpful, we hope you can support us so that we continue to work on our mission.

Thank you for reading

Veena Nair

Founder of HotelTutor