Get royalty free music for your hotel .. No need to take PPL and IPRS license.

Music in lobby and the restaurants, help to create an ambience for your hotel. If you pay for copyright and pay for PPL and IPRS license now there is another way.

In this interview, I spoke with Rajesh Rajan from Radiosparx to find out more about how hoteliers can save money by playing non copyrighted music in their lobby and restaurant so that there is no need to take PPL and IPRS license for your hotel.

Rajesh has worked for a long time in the music industry and with copyright companies. So when he speak, make notes and contact him to get your music in your hotel.

What will you learn in this interview?

  • What is the need for background music in the hotel.
  • The difference between copyrighted and royalty free music
  • How you can play music in your hotel without PPL and IPRS license.
  • The various license required to play music in the hotel.
  • What can Radiosparx offer to hoteliers.

Connect with Rajesh Rajan


Whatsapp: +919594091978

Email: [email protected]

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