Grooming for Success

Who would you like to speak to to solve your complaint? Someone who looks the person on the left or on the right

In most cases, you would have chosen to speak to the person on the left. That is because when you are well groomed, you give a positive impression about yourself and appear confident to solve any issue.

I don’t know why that is but I guess people think if you can take care of yourself and your uniform, you can take care of anything they need help with.

When we are in the hotel working, we are on a stage, playing our part. People are watching our performance.

Grooming is very important to us in hotels as well, because we are dealing with people. People judge us by visual cues even before they speak with us.

With one glance, they will determine, if the hotel is worth staying in or eating in. And to do that the hotel depends on you to take care of yourself.

Grooming consists of 2 parts: Physical and Uniform related.

Let us start with the uniform-related appearance. Your department will have a uniform code and a standard. Sometimes the standards will be given to you when you join. Read it once today.

But to look good, your uniform must be fitted properly. It must fit you. If you are given a uniform that belonged to a left employee, get it altered to fit you properly. The proper length of your trousers and proper waist size will go a long way in helping you feel confident.

When you get your fresh uniform from the uniform room, see to it that it is neatly pressed.

Make sure that the uniform is clean. Often during work, something may spill on the uniform. If that is the case, get it cleaned up immediately and change your uniform.

Remember you are on stage and the guest is watching.

The same goes for your shoes. Your company may give you shoes. You need to take care of and maintain it. You may also need to polish it daily so that it remains in good condition.

If your uniform has any accessories that need to be maintained, do that in the locker. Take some time to get your uniform and the accessories in order.

With these steps, you will look great and cast a positive first impression.

However, when the guest approaches you, you need to smell fresh. Use a deodorant or take a shower frequently if you are working in areas where you sweat a lot.

Keep your hair short and well-trimmed or as approved by your hotel. Ladies may have an approved look or hairstyle in the hotel.

Nails should be trimmed and if approved for ladies, the correct nail polish shade should be applied.

For men usually moustache and beard are not allowed, however, if a moustache and beard are allowed in your hotel, check for the approved styles.

Throughout this video, when I talk about the standards, check with your supervisor as well on what your hotel standards are. Sometimes your hotel may have a different appearance standard for your department.

With these steps, you can present a well-groomed appearance to your guest and portray a great impression of your hotel.

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