Handling Knife Properly

Your knife is the best tool that you can use in the kitchen. However it is important that you learn about handling knife properly so that you reduce cuts and wounds.

In this video watch how to handle knife properly.

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Jay: Oh my finger! I have cut my finger!

Speaker 1: Have you bandaged your finger well?

Speaker 1: You take 2 days off and when you come back I will teach you how to handle the knife properly. Take care of your finger. Welcome back, Jay. How are you feeling now?

Jay: I am fine, chef. Will you teach me how to handle a knife properly?

Speaker 1: Ok. So first thing first you already know that you should hold the knife by the handle. The handle is the black part of the knife. Look closely at how their fingers are bent. The bent finger will guide the knife and keep your finger safe as well. Here is another angle of the fingers from another side. Remember to bend your fingers to keep it safe. So did you learn how to use a knife properly?

Jay:Yes chef.I learnt that to keep the fingers safe you have to bend your finger slightly so that your finger is away from the sharp blade of the knife.

If you want to avoid cuts, you may have to keep your knife sharp. To do that you will need a whetstone or a sharpening steel.

Speaker 1:Well I think Jay learnt a lesson that he will remember for a long time.Handling a knife properly is important so that you can keep yourself safe.

Jay: And yes, do keep learning with me. Join me on my journey as I learn to become a better chef with these kitchen fundamentals.

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