Help guest recover luggage missed by airlines

Are you trying to help your guest find the luggage that the airline has lost? In this lesson, we will look at what you can do to help them get their luggage back.

But before you begin doing anything, put the guest at ease. Make sure to check if they have clothes, or toiletries. If not give them the basics. Keep a list of stores near by, and recommend it to the guest so that they can shop for their requirement.

Contact the airline

Contact the airline’s baggage service office immediately on behalf of the guest. Usually the airline will ask for a copy of the boarding pass and the claim form. Your guest should have filed a complaint at the airport itself and will have a copy of the form.

Provide them with your baggage claim ticket and flight details.

Help guest with transportation.

The guest may need to go back and forth to the airport several times. If that is required, help them with transport options. Often, your airport representative can follow up with the airline and keep you posted about the status.

Follow up with the airline.

If you haven’t heard back within a few days, follow up with the airline.They may have found your luggage and forgotten to contact you.

And there you have it.

Three practical steps towards recovering your lost luggage.

Getting lost luggage back from airlines is a very complicated process. It will take time. Make sure to act in a calm and patient way.

Good luck!

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