Hiring your team to open the hotel

Opening a hotel is stressful. If you don’t have a good team to help you during that stage, you will be under even more stress.

While hiring your team to open the hotel, not all positions are created equal. You will need to hire some positions earlier than others.

It will also depend on the complexity of the hotel, but a good rule of thumb is hire the Chief Engineer immediately after you join.

That will help you to catch any issues with the building early on and give you enough time to get it rectified.

After you have hired the engineer, you should hire the HR manager and the Financial controller.

In some cases you may want to hire the HR manager first so that all joining formalities are complete and that is ok. But if you do that, make sure your engineer is on board immediately after that.

After the Financial controller, you will need to hire the Purchase manager/ Executive followed by Sales manager.

This helps to identify the purchase you want to make and start placing orders and at the same time start to map the market for sales.

Finally the operations team managers should be hired.

Timelines for hiring

One good rule of thumb in hiring your team to open the hotel is that there is no rule of thumb.

It depends on the complexity of the hotel and other factors like speed of construction.

However as a guide, the below chart is recommended.

PositionJoining date
Chief Engineer6 months
HR manager4 months
Financial controller4 months
Director of Sales / Purchase manager3 months
Operational managers3 months
Supervisors2 months
Staff40 days
Contract staff15 days

Statutory compliance

Every state has some unique statutory requirements when it comes to hiring. While PF rules and regulations are standard across the country, some states have some additional requirements.

During opening of a hotel, most process are shortchanged. But doing that will land you in trouble in future.

In order to manage your hiring effectively, you need to be organised and ensure all paperwork is complete.

Purchase the hiring forms and format to keep track of your employees joining formalities.

It will help you avoid any issue down the road with the authorities.

In conclusion

Hire your team to open the hotel based on requirement of the job

Ensure your follow statutory requirements and don’t take shortcuts.

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