How a Fire Fighting Course can save your hotel?

Fire is the most helpful thing man discovered. Ever since millennia and the discovery of Fire, it has helped human beings advance. However it is also the most destructive force know to mankind.

According to an article, Fire accident caused an average of 62 death every day in India.  About 1000 Crore is lost every year on account of Fire accident

A Fire Fighting course for your team can help your hotel be prepared in case of an emergency.

So what causes fire? 

Fire is caused by heat, a combustible material and oxygen. All 3 of these are abundantly available in your hotel. A beautiful tapestry you installed or the kitchen with oil and fats or spa towels in laundry are all potential sources for fire in your hotel.

A quick primer on types of fire

Fire can be caused by the presence of any 3 things mentioned above. However we have classified fire into a few categories depending on the materials that cause fire.

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So why is the above table important? Based on this knowledge and the type of fire, we can train our team to extinguish the fire and stop damage and loss to our hotel property.

Depending on the type of fire, we can use the following extinguisher to stop it.

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Training your team

A Fire Fighting course will help them become aware and be prepared for an emergency. It is a good idea to have a yearly refresher for them so that they don’t forget the basic principles of how to handle an emergency. At, we have put a course that can help them revisit the course yearly and keep refreshing their knowledge. With a team membership for your hotel, at one price you can access the whole catalog of courses for a year for your entire hotel.

This course combined with a practical course in how to use extinguisher will ensure your hotel is safe from the perils of fire

Protecting your hotel from loss is everyone’s responsibility and your job to give them the tools to succeed. Protect your hotel assets from fire by being prepared.

May I request a favour. Please share this article to your colleagues in the hotel as it may help them at some time.

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