How FortuneNext, IDS property management system helps your hotel operations?

Over the years, IDSNext or IDS property management system as it is popularly called among its fans, has slowly but surely become a favorite among hoteliers. Today as one of the leading popular hotel property management software, IDS Next continues to grow and innovate.

One look at their website and you will see that they have moved quickly to offer the complete solution you will need for your hospitality business

ids property management software
From contactless solutions to their flagship FortuneNext 7.0 the company has it all. One look at the image and you will be able to see their solutions. that they have.

How can FortuneNext IDS property management system help you in your operations?

The flagship FortuneNext 7.0 is a complete hotel Property management solution that can help you and your hotel as it helps more than 5000 hotels around the world.

The solution itself is very user friendly, however the key differentiator is the friendly support team. While you work with software day in and day out, there will be issues that crop up. The support team is the very agile and works very hard to sort out the issue in the least possible time.

With an excellent team backing you up, you can be rest assured that your hotel can provide cutting edge service to your guest.

Key Features of FortuneNext 7.0 by IDS Property Management System

The FortuneNext 7.0 has 13 key modules from Front office Management, Point of Sale management, Finance Accounts Receivable, Sales and Marketing, Banquets and other modules like Costing, Material management etc.

That makes it a complete software for all your hotel needs.

It also has deep integrations with key revenue management tools, reputation management tools, loyalty management and channel managers among many other integrations.

And what more, you can even integrate your EPABX, Key card system and EMS systems.

Train your team effectively

Once you implement the FortuneNext IDS property management system in your hotel, you will find the software intuitive and easy to use. However the hotel industry is notorious for high turn over time.

But now in partnership with Clarifiedbetter.com you have on demand access to training that can help your team learn how to use the software and use it efficiently. You no longer have to worry that there is attrition or new team members have joined your hotel.

Bottom Line

If you are opening your hotel or looking forward to change your hotel property management software because it is not meeting your needs, look no further than FortuneNext by IDS property management system. With robust support, online training courses and a friendly sales team, it is a clear choice whether you run an independent hotel or a chain of hotels.

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