How Preventive Maintenance can save your hotel

As your business grows older, the cost of repairs and preventive maintenance starts to creep up due to age of machinery and building.

In order to ensure your cost stay in line, you need to follow good preventive maintenance program in your hotel.

So what is preventive maintenance?

A maintenance program that is performed on a regular basis on an equipment to prevent it from failing .

In your hotel, you need to start a preventive maintenance program to ensure your equipment are in top shape.

Why is it important?

Breakdown maintenance is very expensive in terms of visible cost and invisible cost. Visible cost includes money spent on repair. In most cases this can be a very small amount. The invisible cost are money you will pay to operate your business without that particular equipment.

For e.g. Imagine your deep freezer was not working. Not only you will have to repair it, you will have to pay for a temporary chiller van to keep your materials or risk spoilage.

The best hotels follow a preventive maintenance schedule. This helps them to plan the work and ensure all equipment and areas get the attention it deserves.

How to start a maintenance program?

  • Identify areas in the hotel
  • Divide the hotel into key areas. Front of the house and Back of the house.
  • List down all the equipment located in that area that can benefit from the planned maintenance
  • List down all the task that need attention
  • Identify the frequency of the task : Weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually
  • Set it up in a tracker
  • Ensure you follow the tracker

Preventive Maintenance for Rooms:

By making sure you have a regular preventive maintenance schedule for your rooms, you can ensure that everything in the hotel room will be in working order. A good schedule should address  all the parts of the hotel room from painting to touching up furniture and fixtures to checking all the engineering related issues.

It is ideal to have a quarterly program for your rooms so that all the rooms are maintained atleast 4 times a year.

This will help you to have a room that can last longer in between renovation and help to save cost by increasing the life of the hotel room.

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Preventive Maintenance for Engineering Equipment:

It is a basic expectation that all critical equipment within the engineering areas are covered by AMC to ensure that it is being maintained by the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

It is best to leave the maintenance of these critical equipment to the manufacturer, however the team needs to be trained on following best practices on a daily basis and identify what needs attention.

In Conclusion

A good maintenance program is worth its weight in gold and ensures that it will help to maximize profit for the owner in the long run.

This can be done by increasing the life of the asset over the years and giving better ROI to the hotel owner.

Paying attention to Preventive Maintenance task can be the easiest way to increased profit over the long term

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