How to avoid burglary in guest rooms in hotels

Recently there was a series of incident where a burglar managed to gain access to guest room and steal money and jewels from the safe.

Avoid burglary in your hotel guest rooms with this training video. Train your team to understand how safety can help your hotels.

In this video, we will look at how we can train our team to make sure that something like this is never repeated in our hotel.

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Sometime back there was a news of a robbery from a hotel room do you know how it happened?

Let me tell you.

A man walked up to the housekeeping team member on the floor.

I forgot my key. Can you open my room door for me.

Sure sir.

The room attendant opened the key. The man went into the room closed the door and then called the front office

My room safe is locked can you open it for me.

I will send someone over to open the safe.

Good afternoon sir, I will assist you to open the safe.

I have opened the safe for you. have a great day

The man walked out with contents of the safe.

What could you have done right?

The only solution is to train the team well to handle such situations.

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So what could we have done right to avoid burglary in the guest room?

A check at the initial stage will help make sure that the person is truly the guest in the room.

I forgot my key can you open my room door for me.

Sure sir may i request you for an identification card this is for your own safety.

Check the identification against your in-house room list. If the guest refuses to show the identification direct the guest to the front office or call security

If the person goes to the front office and says my id is inside the room make the key and go with the guest to the room open the door and ask to show the id.

Stay with the person till they show you an id card.

Thank you sir appreciate your support in keeping our guests safe.

This is the first step and the most effective one. Keep the crooks out of the room.

If you seem something that is suspicious always alert the security team or your supervisor.

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