How to calculate bed linen size for your hotel?

When you are opening a hotel, you will order bed linen and bathroom linen. Without looking at the bed and mattress, when you place an order for linen, chances are that you may not be able to select the correct linen size.

What complicates the matter even further is the height of the mattress and the dimension of the bed.

Most manufacturers have standard sizes, but when it comes to hotel mattress, the height vary from 6 inch to 9 inch.

Use this calculator to order the correct size of the linen.

Points to keep in mind while selecting linen for your hotel

Buy prewashed linen

This helps to prevent shrinkage after 1st wash. All bed linen shrink after the first wash. If you do not purchase from a reputed vendor or buy prewashed, you will be in big trouble as the sheets will shrink and will not fit your bedsheet.

Thread count quality

When you buy linen for your hotel, you must try to buy at least a 200 thread count bed linen. Why?

The feel of the bedsheet depends on the thread count. The thread count also ensures life of the linen.

A good quality linen must endure atleast 150 washes.

Select Mercerized cotton to ensure the bedsheet is not hairy.

Buy from Reputed Vendors

While you can purchase bedsheets from retail manufacturers, bed linen is a huge investment during preopening. By purchasing from reputed vendors, you can be assured of quality and support.

In Conclusion

  • Linen purchase is a huge expense. Use the linen size calculator to purchase the right size of linen.
  • Buy from reputed vendors for quality and support
  • Buy enough par so that the life of the linen is extended. Typically a linen last 150 to 180 washes.

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