How to clean and sanitize your knife

When you clean and sanitize your knife, you can reduce the chances of cross contamination.

Watch the tutorial to learn how to clean and sanitize your knife

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Speaker 1: Hi Jai, very nice. I can see that you are really working nicely and cutting properly.

Jai: Thank you chef for teaching me how to cut properly

Speaker 1:  After you finish cutting do remember to clean and sanitize the knife properly.

Jai:  Why is sanitizing the knife important? I thought since I washed the knife it should be fine.

Speaker 1:  Sanitizing is important because it is a way to control food cross contamination. The chemicals in the sanitizer solution will kill any bacteria that may be there on the knife. Washing alone cannot kill them. In order to sanitize your knife you need to first wash the knife properly. Wash the knife carefully and scrub it gently with a little soap solution. Remember to wash from the blunt side of the knife. I hope you know why to clean from the blunt side.

Jai:  Yes, chef very nicely so that I do not cut my finger.

Speaker 1:  Again after you have washed the knife carefully dip it in the container with sanitizer. Make sure that the sanitizer solution is clean and at proper strength. Keep it there for at least 30 seconds. If you need to use the knife again, rinse it once under running water before using the knife. Should we rinse it so that the sanitizer does not get into food.

Jai:  Yes, you were correct. Okay, so thank you for teaching me how to sanitize the knife properly chef. I learned that it is important to wash and sanitize the knife after every use to prevent cross-contamination.

Well that was a new thing I learned today.

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