How to conduct meeting with project managers during hotel opening?

Hotel openings usually tend to get messy during the last phase of handover and snagging.

The project team is eager to get off the project, and the operation team is not yet ready to take over due to issues with the project.

This usually leads to a lot of coordination issues.

One way to handle it is have regular, structured meeting to discuss the project at a given time and to conduct meeting with project managers.

As a practice, if you start the process 6 month out, you will be able to gradually build trust with the project team and avoid unnecessary issues at the final stage of the project when you will also be busy.

How to conduct meeting with project managers?

Like any other meeting, a project meeting must be minuted and detailed notes must be taken to ensure all stake holders agree and accept the responsibilities and deadlines.

conduct meeting with project managers

A simple excel template like this so that you clearly explain who is responsible for the task and the deadline for the same.

Review the progress in the next meeting. If any task is not completed by the deadline, brainstorm the issue and identify any roadblocks that you may need to remove.

What to discuss during the project meeting?

As you start working on the opening of the hotel, the project team will be working on various aspect of the hotel. So a Weekly meeting will be necessary to set the pace and the expectation.

This weekly meeting must be a forum to discuss the project effort of the week and the future. Utilize this time to analyze all areas that are under construction and get and understanding of the timelines.

These meetings can be finished in not more that 1 hour, if all stakeholders discuss and sort out roadblocks to progress.

What to discuss?

  • Current hotel progress of project and plan for next week.
  • Conduct a round table to understand if any coordination is required to finish any task ( This will be critical as the project nears end)
  • Review the progress chart and establish timelines.
  • Review of the snagging process and the update.

As you get closer to the hotel opening date, it is a good idea to conduct meeting with project managers daily. This can help you sort out issues on the go

In the meeting, you must regularly bring in your department heads to discuss the issues they are facing. The Chief engineer must be available during all the meeting so that the person is aware of the issues through out the hotel.

In short a meeting with the project managers can help smoothen the hotel opening process. Use the meeting effectively to finish the hotel opening on time

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