How to create digital maps for your concierge service

After COVID- 19 lockdown, when people start to travel and visit the hotels, their expectation on safety and hygiene will very high.

Suddenly we hear a new term, contactless dining. This stems from the fact that people will be less inclined to visit hotels and touch menu that may potentially be contaminated.

In a previous post we covered how to take your restaurant menu online and make it contact less with a qr code.

While menu are center of attention for your restaurants, in this post we will look at how you can provide personalized maps to your guest for free with all the recommended attractions.

Follow along with the video below and in no time you will have a custom map for your guest.

Create the map

In order to create a map, we will use a free google service called My Maps.

Follow the steps or see the video below.

  • Open Google My maps
  • Create a new map
  • Create a new layer
  • Search for your hotel first
  • Add it to the map
  • Then add all the other attraction you want to add. Customize it with colour or icons
  • Save the map and get a shareable link.

If done properly, you will get a result like this

Make a QR code

Visit any qr code maker and paste the url code. Generate the QR code and print it on a tent card

That is is. Your personalized hotel map is now ready for guest to scan and use.

You can create multiple maps based on your target guest, leisure, business, sport fan etc.

I hope you liked this article and video on making your own Concierge map. If you would like to see more videos and article or how to, leave your feedback in the comment box below.

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