How to design a menu card for your restaurant?

Using nothing more than free tools, design a menu card for your restaurant that look beautiful and appeal to your guests.

Having a great menu for your restaurant can help you to increase your APC and help you make more revenue

However, with contactless dining and menu, most restaurant guests are accessing the menu on the smartphone. The small screen size and the scroll makes it impossible to put the traditional rules to practice.

In this article, we will use a tool called Canva to design a beautiful menu for your restaurant. If you have not yet heard about Canva, it is a design tool that we use very actively on this website, to make the images for the article, make brochures and other marketing brochures.

How to use Canva to design a menu card?

Log in to the site or if you do not have an account yet, create one.

design menu card

Once you have logged in, you can use the search bar and search for the menu card templates.

You will get a selection of free and paid templates. While free templates are mostly enough for a small restaurant or hotel, in case you like something that is paid, feel free to use that as well.

These templates are starting points for your design. And the best part is that you need not be a designer to make changes.

Click on the one that you like and start editing.

Once in the editor window, you have options to change the template if you did not like the choice. You can also upload your logo, change the text and fonts size using the design menu on the left.

The designer is very intuitive and if you make a mistake, just undo the previous steps.

Finally use the download button to download the file. If you are going to print, use the PDF (print) option. However if you are using it to post the menu card on your website, download it as a image or a simple pdf image.

How often should you design your menu card?

If you are changing your menu often, use the Canva app to create menu design. However, even if you do not change the menu dishes, sometimes just a change in design will help your regular guest try something new in the hotel.

You can also use this daily to print out the buffet menu that you keep at the hostess desk. Just make 1 template and stick with it.

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