How to handle guest complaint of missing valuables?

Sometimes guest will complain of missing valuables from guest rooms. In these cases, you have to act quickly to investigate and find the missing article.

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Recently a viewer left a question on our channel on how to handle complaint from guest that they have lost jewelry in the room. These cases happen and when it happens, we need to act swiftly so that we can find and recover the lost item.

When you get a complaint of something missing in the guest room, you have to follow 3 basic steps. You can use these steps for complaints of any high value item missing from the room.

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So like i said in the intro, our viewer asked how to handle guest complaints of loosing jewelry from the guest room.

For cases like these, we will follow 3 basic steps. Investigate, Interrogate and Respond with guest.

The first step is to investigate. Meet up with the guest and understand few basics like when was the last time the guest saw the jewelry. Was it kept in the safe or in the room.

Who came to the room to meet the guest and some other basic questions. These help to narrow down the time frame of our investigation.

If your hotel has modern electronic door locks, and CCTV coverage in all areas, the next step in investigation will be slightly easier. These electronic door locks help to give you a log of keys readings that opened the door. Take a list and then investigate any unusual key entry. If you find anything unusual, make a note.

Also look at the CCTV recording of the guest corridor and see if you observe any difference in the pattern of the team members servicing and entering the room.

If you find anything suspicious, move to the next step of interrogate. Interrogate is asking question to your team members. Follow the local laws when it comes to this step. Some jurisdictions do not allow you to investigate at the hotel level and you have to involve the police. In that case cooperate with the authorities, or else question all the team members and take their statement. Check their employment history and understand the motive for such an action.

If you find the item, then go back to the guest. Own up for the mistake honestly and explain that you will take the strictest disciplinary action against the erring team member. If you do not find the item, assist the guest in filing a police complaint and cooperate with the authorities. For issues like this your hotel should have sufficient insurance to cover any damages.

While it is unfortunate that something like this happens in your hotel, the first line of defense is to train your team on the importance of not touching any guest belongings. You must also train them on the importance of reporting any high value items in the room in their section and proper process to handle cash and other valuables lying in the room.

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