how to increase restaurant sales without advertising

How to increase restaurant sales without advertising

If you have ever asked how to increase restaurant sales without advertising, you need to be dedicated and follow a system. A system that will help you get more guests through the door, sell more to these guests, and retain them over the long term.

In this tutorial, let us explore 5 steps to increase restaurant sales without advertising.

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If you are faced with stagnant or low restaurant sales, advertising your restaurant can bring in some additional revenue. But the problem with that is that it is very expensive to keep advertising. Especially in the restaurant business where the profit margin is getting squeezed every day because of rising costs.

So what can you do? How to increase restaurant sales without advertising? In this video, let us discuss the possible solutions for increasing restaurant sales without advertising.

Manage your existing guest

The first step to increasing falling restaurant sales, without advertising, is to improve sales from the existing guest. if you have been running a restaurant, hopefully, you have a list of your customers in your database.

Offer them a tempting reason to come back to your restaurant. Communicate with them about the offers you have in your restaurant. Or better still make a special offer for all your previous guests. Track what offers were successful and do more of that.


Once guests are in the restaurant, increase your revenue by upselling to them. Now upselling is not simple as small, medium or large portions as you see in a quick service restaurant. You need to spend some time understanding the dishes in your restaurant that can complement each other.

Then when you sell an item, upsell that dish along with the main dish. You are using suggestive selling to upsell rather than blindly upsell. The chances are the guests will have a better experience and recommend the restaurant to their friends.

Improve time and efficiency

The third way you can increase your restaurant sales is by improving your restaurant table turns. If you have a problem of plenty, that is you have guests waiting and you don’t have seats, you need to become more efficient in reducing meal time in your restaurant. You can do that by simplifying your restaurant menu so that guests can order faster and your kitchen can dish out that food faster.

By reducing meal time by 15 minutes, you can add additional seating in the restaurant every meal period. This can bring significant improvement to the restaurant revenue.

Engage in Social Media

Another way to increase restaurant revenue is by being active on social media. Not by only promoting your restaurant directly. Remember the original use of social media was to connect with people. Use social media to connect with your potential customers based on some theme like sustainability or community service. When you post what you are doing around those topics consistently, you are building brand awareness about your restaurant, and also at the same time, you are improving your tribe of followers. If you are stuck for ideas look at what the Bombay canteen does on their social media pages. I connect with them as a restaurant with social messages.

Analyse your data and keep improving

Finally, keep reviewing all the data you have. Do a menu engineering of your menu every quarter and remove any dishes that do not sell. If you want to learn more about menu engineering, I have a link to the course in the description box below. If you use a POS use the various reports it will give you to help understand the state of your business.

So with these 5 steps, you can increase your restaurant sales without advertising. If you wish to learn more, do remember to check out the courses on our site. We have more tutorials and in-depth, courses to become better at doing your job in hotels.

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