How to keep guest belonging in the hotel lobby safe?

Most hotels have safe in the guest room. However your hotel lobby safe is another area that guest may decide to keep their valuables.

If you have a hotel lobby safe, you need to follow SOP laid down by your hotel. Also watch this tutorial to learn more.

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Most hotels have safe in the room. In addition to that, many hotels have safes in the front office department as well, where guest can keep their valuables for safe keeping.

In this video, let us get to know how to handle the safe in the hotel.

While the guest will leave their belongings with you, you are responsible for the item and ensuring that it is protected from theft or negligence. The safe usually has 2 keys. You need both to open the safe. One is a master key and is kept with front office or security department. Other is a guest key that is given to the guest.

Before you allow the guest to operate the locker, you must note down the guest name, date of stay, room number and other details in the safe deposit box card or register.

For safety reason, you can scan the package through an x ray machine before allowing the guest to store the item.

At no point must the front office team member handle the package. The guest must keep it themselves in the box and locked with both the key in the guest presence. When the guest wants to retrieve the content from the box, follow a similar process, however you must also fill out the register mentioning when the guest opened the box. Use both the key and open the box and hand over to the guest.

When the guest empties the content, remember to take the key back from the guest.

Managing the safe deposit box needs to be done diligently so that we don’t misplace guest valuables.

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