How to maintain the swimming pool in your hotel?

A swimming pool is one of the most used facility in the hotel. In this video let us learn how to maintain the swimming pool in your hotel.

So as an engineer, it is your job to maintain the pool so that it is clean and clear.

These tasks to maintain the swimming pool can be divided into daily task and monthly task. First lets look at the daily task you need to do.

Daily Tasks

One of the first thing you check is the water level. If it is lower than the required level, refill water. Also check the water temperature and the chemical concentration. Make sure you check the water clarity.

You should also vacuum or suction sweep the whole pool daily to remove debris or fallen leaves from the water.

You must also test the water quality with a test kit daily. Maintain the appropriate levels of pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and calcium hardness.

And while you are at the pool, check the safety signage and make sure they are visible.

Next go to the filtration room, and check the filter pressure. Clean the lint basket on all pumps. Check for any leaks and fix them right away if required.

Monthly Task

The monthly tasks are not very different but you may need to focus more on the pumps and the filters.
Ensure the filtration plant is working properly.
Lubricate all the gaskets, secure the wiring and check the motors to ensure they are working efficiently.

One big part of your monthly task is to check the log books and sign them off. Make sure you check them regularly to ensure the parameters are being maintained.

By doing these tasks, you can ensure that you can maintain the swimming pool in the hotel and it can be enjoyed by your guest in the hotel.

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