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How to make an operating equipment list

When you open a hotel, you will need operating equipment to run the hotel. This is different from the CAPEX or heavy machinery that have a long life.

In order to run the hotel, you will need hundreds of small items. If you miss any of them, you may run into operational issues while you open the hotel.

So how to make an operating equipment list for your hotel so that it covers all items that you may require.

Understand the product

Every hotel is different and will have a unique set of items that will be needed to run it. However 90% of the items will be generic. It will therefore help to understand your product so that you can customize your list effectively.

Key factors to consider while making the list are:

  1. No of rooms in the hotel
  2. Public areas ( area)
  3. No of fnb outlets
  4. No of kitchens and cafeteria
  5. Housekeeping and back of the hotel areas
  6. Laundry and other requirement
  7. Spa and recreation activities
  8. No of staff ( to plan for uniforms)
  9. Admin and General staffing

Make a list of things you will need

Once you have the areas down and you know the features of all the areas, set up a core list of essentials that you will need.

Go step by step and envision what you will need in each area. For example, if you are making a list for rooms, start from the door to make the list.

Imagine you are walking down the room. At the entrance, do you see an electronic DND sign. If not you need a DND, CMR and laundry collateral. Then as you walk, you will need hangers in the closet, shoe mits, shoe shiner, iron / ironing board, laundry bags, laundry list, laundry basket.

Continue this exercise for the entire hotel.

One good thing about visualizing the entire flow is that you will be able to decide what you want to do in each area and what will the place look like.

Involve your team members in making this list.

As a General Manager trying to open the hotel, you will have enough work to handle. Ask your team members to make this list for their department and then you can consolidate the entire list to give to procurement.

That way the chances of missing out something will be less as each person will look at his or her area critically.

Hire a consultant to develop this list for you

If your budget permits, hire a consultant who will complete this work for you. Using a consultant will ensure that all this step is completely handled. A consultant may also recommend a list of products for use for an additional fee and negotiate pricing as well.

Buy a master list

On our website, we have a list that can help you avoid the high cost of consultant and the pain of doing it yourself.

This list has all the basic equipment that you will need to open the hotel, so that you do not miss out on any critical elements.

Buy the list to start planning for your operating equipment for your hotel

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