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How to make more revenue in your hotel this Christmas season

Christmas is once again upon us and with the threat of COVID receding, your guest will be eager to engage in celebrations with their families.

To make the most of the Christmas season, and increase revenue in your hotel, you can create a festive atmosphere in the hotel and do a few things.

Offer special holiday packages:

One way to attract guests during the Christmas season is to offer special holiday packages that include festive decorations, holiday meals, and other seasonal amenities. These packages can be marketed to families and couples looking to celebrate the holiday season in a unique and memorable way. Popular packages include rates inclusive of all meals.

Host holiday events

For larger groups, offer to host events in the banquet hall that can take off the pressure from the main restaurant. Also considering events like tree lighting, carol singing etc in the lobby. Apart from bringing in the holiday spirit, it also acts as a magnet to get more guest in the lobby and into your restaurant.

In your restaurant, create special menu that can help you with selling out in advance. Advertise the special meal on social media and then take reservations.

Collaborate with local businesses

Your hotel can also improve revenue during the Christmas season by collaborating with local businesses, such as other restaurants and shops in the vicinity, to offer special deals and discounts to guests. This can help to create a sense of community and attract more guests to the area. Partner with the community to build some community activities.

Offer flexible booking options

During the Christmas season, many people are traveling to be with their families and may be looking for flexible booking options. A hotel can improve revenue by offering flexible booking options, such as last-minute deals and cancellations, to attract these guests. Make sure your rates are current and up to date and you are flexible in pricing to benefit from any last minute events.

There are some other ways to improve revenue for a hotel during the Christmas season. Some additional suggestions are:

  • Offering early bird discounts for guests who book their stay in advance
  • Creating a festive atmosphere with holiday decorations and music
  • Hosting special holiday activities, such as cookie decorating or gingerbread house building, for guests to enjoy during their stay
  • Offering gift certificates or package deals as holiday gifts for friends and family.

By offering special holiday packages, hosting holiday events, collaborating with local businesses, and offering flexible booking options, you can improve revenue in your hotel during the Christmas season.

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