How to manage uniforms in hotel efficiently?

If you manage uniforms in hotel efficiently, you can save lots of money. All you need to do is follow some basic inventory process and ensure you take care of them.

In this tutorial, learn how to manage uniforms in hotel efficiently.

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The housekeeping department is responsible for the uniforms that the team members wear in the hotel. Uniforms also are a major cost item for the hotel. So it makes sense to learn how to handle uniforms properly so that you can keep track of it, manage them efficiently and keep the cost down.

In this video by hotel tutor dot com, we will discuss what you can do to manage uniforms efficiently in the hotel.

Every hotel will have a Standard about the par level for uniforms, however, ideally, you must have a minimum of 3 sets per person. That ensures the uniforms last for at least a year or more, by reducing the number of wash cycles it goes through per year. For items like shoes, check with your hotel manager on the standards, but ideally, you should change the shoe every 6 months.

When a new team member joins the company, you must update the details in a uniform register. The uniform register should have the name of the team member, department and other details like the number of uniforms sets issued. If there are additional pieces of uniform accessories like buttons or belts, those details must be entered as well.

Uniforms must always be issued on a soiled for clean basis. This best practice will help you and your hotel. Otherwise, people will not take care of the uniforms and leave them around the changing rooms. For times when the uniform room is closed, you can keep a uniform exchange slip near the time office along with a laundry trolley. Once the team member drops the uniform in the linen trolley, the exchange slip can be issued by the guard or the person handling the time office.

For properly maintaining the uniforms, repairs have to be carried out as and when necessary. A stitch in time saves nine is an apt saying when it comes to uniforms. The uniform that requires repairs needs to be entered in the repair register. This will help you to keep a track of what type of repairs are coming in and from which department. YOu can then do some analysis to reduce the complaints in the department.

The last step in managing the uniform is the inventory process. This must be completed once a quarter at least, if not monthly. This will help you to identify any shortage or discard that you need to do. To do the inventory, take an updated employee list from the HR department. Make a list and physically count and check the uniforms against each person. Check the uniform in the uniform room, laundry, and in use on the person. This inventory needs to be completed and sent to the finance department.

In case of any shortage or discard, identify the cause and reorder to top up the par.

These steps will help you manage the uniform inventory in the hotel.

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