How to manage your online reputation with Prakhar Garg

Commercial leader and Business Strategist with 13 years of Revenue maximization experience.

About Prakhar

With over 13 years of experience in Revenue Management, Prakhar has donned many hats. As someone who closely manages more than 600 + rooms in his portfolio, he understands really well the importance of having a good reputation for your hotel.

A good reputation can certainly go a long way and improve your hotel ranking. However in this interview we go into detail of what you should be doing to build on the guest experience to manage your online reputation thereby improving sales

What you will learn

  • How does online reputation affect your hotel revenue.
  • How soon should you reply to the reviews
  • Online tools available to help you with review management
  • Trends in reputation management


Tools to help with Reputation management

  • Revinate
  • Trust You
  • Medallia
  • Repup

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