How to run a successful restaurant – Part 2

In this video we will cover the 2nd half of How to make your restaurant successful.

You can watch the first part here if you have not already watched it.

Video Transcription

Welcome to part 2 of the Restaurant Marketing video where we will see how to use what you learned in the last video to help build your restaurant business. If you have not seen the last video, we covered topics like understanding your customer, competitors and finding out your unique selling proposition. In case you have not seen the video yet please do check out that video and come back to this one using the end card so that you understand the context.

So if you have seen the first part of video you know how to understand your strengths and weakness and both opportunities you have in front of you and threats you may face.

Make a concept statement

Once you have identified that it’s time to look at the restaurant itself and make a concept statement for your restaurant. Having a clear and concise concept statement will help you focus on marketing the restaurant. Keep the statement short and crisp. For example imagine the name of the restaurant is XYZ cafe. Now if you identified that your cafe is a place for nearby office workers who spend time over coffee and sandwiches and catch up on conversation and you want to change the target audience over to families on the weekend. A good statement might look like ” XYZ Cafe strives to make weekends fun for
the entire family with board games, a kids friendly menu and lazy brunch that families can enjoy”.

So in this example they are targeting a new set of audience. With this statement they have identified that there is only so much that they could do over the weekday but weekends provide an an opportunity and clearly defined it in their concept statement. Once the concept is clear then they can make changes in their operation to make the place family-friendly, buy some board games plan a brunch menu and increase their chances of success over the weekends. The added benefit of a clear concept statement is that the team will also know what is the focus and how to plan to switch gears on weekends so that they can be prepared for a lot of kids running around the place. This also helps in clarity of communication with the marketing team and can help develop a strategy for marketing to create posts for social media or any other marketing channel they choose.

Marketing your restaurant

Speaking of marketing there are many channels of promotion and that is a separate topic in itself but the main avenues are –

In hotel marketing using SMS phone calls, tentcards on the tables etc

Loyalty marketing – Marketing to your database of loyal customers the guys who keep coming day in and day out .

Direct marketing through ads either through social media, hoardings, TV or newspaper. You might be wondering who reads the newspaper these days but you might be surprised with the local reach of the newspaper in attracting guests.

Social media – Using the various social media outlets to promote your restaurant the most popular being Facebook and Instagram for updates and conversation and Twitter for updates on what’s happening in your restaurant .

Web sites – make sure that you update your own website with events and promotions that happen in your restaurant. Additionally make use of the various listing sites which cover the restaurant industry and finally we have come to an underused tactic of

Public Relation –  That is such a big topic that I have made a guide which is available on the website I will put a link to the guide

Make an Activity calendar

Once you have created a great concept and the concept is ready and you know how you can market it the next step is to prepare a plan of action a simple calendar of sorts which will help you to plan ahead. My recommendation is to have a yearly calendar but even something short as six months will help you to focus.

So taking on the example of XYZ cafe you could decide to have a focused brunch for Mother’s Day or Easter or any of the fun days that keep making an appearance on the social media calendar these days. You can deliver an exceptional experience to your customer who will appreciate your thought and attention to detail if you have planned ahead.

To recap we covered the topic of making a concept statement, making a marketing plan and creating an action plan to deliver exceptional service. I hope you like this second part of the video of how to make your restaurant successful. I hope it helps your restaurant do better all the videos are also available on the website and if you head on the site and enroll as a member you also get access to tons of free content about all the departments. We also have a special focus on pre opening properties and many critical guides and SOPs are available there. As always thank you for watching this video I hope you will take action and make more money in your restaurant.

If you think of someone you know is struggling with their restaurant business be a good friend and share this video with that person they may buy you their daily special at their restaurant to show their appreciation.

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