save electricity bill in your hotel

How to save electricity bill in your hotel with solar power with T K Vishwanath

Consultant – Solar and Renewable Energy

About T K Vishwanath

T K Vishwanath has around 33 years of experience in the Energy industry. Till recently he was the Sr. General Manager at a leading Indian Industrial house, helping installation of renewable energy sources.

Over the last decade he has been actively involved in developing the solar power business for his company and has overseen the sales and installation of many successful projects.

He has helped companies make the investment and now enjoy free power for their operation.

In this interview we asked him if we can save electricity bill in your hotel with solar power.

What you will learn

  • How much space will you need to implement solar project in your hotel
  • What is the cost of investment
  • What is the ROI?
  • Does it make sense for hotels to implement solar projects?

Did you Know?

Solar panel come in 2 variants. Mono crystalline and Poly crystalline. Mono crystalline is energy efficient version however is expensive. Your hotel may only need to go for Poly crystalline panels as you will have a bigger installation.

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Linkedin: T K Vishwanath

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