How to save HLP cost in your hotel without compromising on guest experience?

HLP (Heat, Light and Power ) cost is among the biggest expense to the hotel. And if you save HLP cost in your hotel that money that can flow directly to the profit of the hotel.

So the big question is how to save HLP cost in your hotel?

HLP cost has a direct correlation with guest satisfaction. Guest satisfaction depends on the availability of cooling in the room, hot water and other facilities in the hotel that cost money.

In order to save HLP cost in your hotel, you can explore opportunities in CAPEX and OPEX.

In this article we will explore some of the option:

Do an energy audit

Before you understand opportunities to save HLP, you should invest in a proper energy audit. This audit should be the basis of the changes you will make. Energy audit are done by companies like Schneider and Honeywell.

While it is a paid audit, you can also negotiate with them to get a free audit done if you are likely to implement their suggestions.

There are independent vendors as well doing these audits. Look at the recommendation and fix the highlighted issues.

Keep all equipment well maintained

Service and keep all equipment well maintained. Apart from the chillers and boilers, pay attention to the hot water pipes and check the insulation.

A weak insulation will increase your effort in the boiler room to heat water and you will spend more money.

Similarly walk around your hotel and check all equipment and fix any issues.

Maintain optimum cooling level

Depending on the time of the day and the load of the building, adjust the chiller set point to ensure optimum cooling.

Check the ambient temperature with a thermometer atleast 4 times a day and adjust. A comfortable temperature may be 22 for hot climate, however if the night time temperature drops, you must make correction in the chiller.

Similarly adjust the heating in case your hotel has heating in public areas to keep the temperature at comfortable levels.

Make an energy conservation team

An energy conservation team should consist of representatives from all departments. Brainstorm ideas to save cost.

Some starter ideas would include

  • Change bulbs to LED
  • Switch off appliances when not required
  • Put sensor taps and water aerators
  • Include motion detector in low traffic areas for lights.
  • Put charcoal in Tandoor only when required and in correct quantity
  • And many such ideas that you and your team can come up with

All these ideas can help to save cost in HLP. Before you implement, also discuss if these actions will adversely impact the guest experience. If no implement immediately. If yes then identify solutions.

What are you doing in your hotel to save HLP cost. Share your experience in the comment box below.

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