How to serve drinks in a bar so that you sell repeat drinks

In a bar, a repeat drink is very important. You want guest to order more than one drink. In order to do that, you have to ensure that the drink reaches the guest in the way it is supposed to reach.

The way you do that is by using a cocktail calling order. Watch what is it in the video.

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So, your guests are having fun. But when you are working in a bar, you have to be focused on the work. For your guest to keep coming to the bar, you have to provide them with high quality drinks. That is your job.

In this video from clarifiedbetter I will show you how to serve drinks in a bar, in sequence when you get a long order. You need to follow this order of serving, so that your drinks are served the way they are supposed to be served.

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So back to the cocktail calling order. Like I said, we need to follow this sequence with long orders so that the beer is still ice cold and the sparkling wine has bubbles left.

So if you get a long order, you need to start serving the neat drinks without ice first. Then serve the red wine, followed by bottle beer. Next start to make frozen drinks, pour the white wine and then serve on the rocks drinks. At the last you make a martini or other high ball cocktail with carbonated beverages.

At this point, you have most of the drinks on the bar, now serve the draft beer and then hot drinks in the order.

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Most of the orders are just one or two drinks. so just serve them as they come. but in case of big orders, follow the cocktail calling order to serve drinks in a bar that are served as per the specification.

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