How to train your kitchen team on Food safety and HACCP?

The recent COVID pandemic proved once again the importance of basic hygiene standards. Steps like handwashing and wearing protective gear that is taken for granted, became the savior of the day.

When you have a kitchen team, you are responsible to make sure that you train your kitchen team on Food safety and HACCP well and ensure that they are aligned to the standards that you want to set.

In order to train your team, here are some standards that can help.

Train Daily

We are all busy and do not like to sit in a class room for training. As soon as we sit in class for a period of time, out minds wander and we doze off. Happens to the best of us.

Training should not overwhelm your team. Smaller more frequent training leads to better retention and acceptance.

Plan for a 5- 10 minutes of training every day and make a calendar.

Set the training topic, and the desired objectives. Every training must either increase knowledge or skills.

Make it convenient

With everyone having access to a smart phone and internet, you do not need them to sit in a class to attend a training.

Assign Youtube videos from the Clarifiedbetter channel like this videos to learn topics in under 3 minutes.

A video a day will keep the team refreshed and wanting to learn more. Get them to subscribe to the channel and keep monitoring if they are learning daily.

Clarifiedbetter Youtube channel has many videos on the principles of hygiene and HACCP.

Train your team online

Training your team need not be expensive. With one single pricing for a year, you have the flexibility to train your team and at the same time, free up your managers to do the work they should be doing.

Pricing page for Team training

The or if you are interested in only training on particular course, check out the library and pick a la carte from our free and paid courses.

At the end of the course, the learners will get a certificate that will tell you if they finished the course.

Every course is made into bite size pieces so that it can be learnt in short amount of time daily.

In conclusion

Training your team need not be a tough task. To train your kitchen team on Food safety and HACCP try to achieve small steps daily rather than doing all in one burst.

Make it convenient for the team to learn and give them the tools to succeed.

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