How to train your team for maximum performance?

In a previous post, we discussed about how to train your team. While we all understand that training is important and we need to train people well, in this post we will look at how you can train your team for maximum performance.

Make a training calendar

If you are a busy GM or HOD like me, you would be pretty busy with running your operations and training would usually be last on your mind. However to make things easier, it would help to have a training calendar in place. With a time and date set in advance and the topics decided in advance, you do not have to dread the training classes.

Failing to plan is planning to fail

Benjamin Franklin – Ex US President

Make it impactful

In your busy operations, you have only limited time to train. Maybe 20 minutes a day is all you have. That is a good start. While making the calendar, focus on what are the organisation goals. These days many people use a Balanced score card approach to target setting.

If you know what goal you want to achieve at the end of the year, you should plan your training around those clusters. Typically you will want to achieve higher guest satisfaction, higher revenue, save cost and contribute more to the shareholders/ stakeholders.

If that is the end goal, you should train your team members on topics that affect these parameters.

By making a calendar and typing the desired impact of the training, we can successfully measure if we have managed to move the needle in the desired direction.


The new generation of employees has grown up on social media and internet. For them instant gratification and response is the key to keep them motivated. By providing them access to online training and immediate feedback, you can continue to motivate them in the correct direction.

One big advantage of using an online module for training is that it is do it once and forget about it model. With little bit of advance planning, you can be sure that the same consistent training is being delivered to all in your organisation.

This site offers customized learning plan for your organisation, by making training modules specifically for your hotel. In case you would like to explore the option, please do contact our team who will guide you through the process.

In conclusion

To deliver a successful training, you need to

  • Make a training calendar so that you are always prepared on what to train on.
  • Make it impactful and assess the benefits of the training
  • Deliver it frequently

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