How to treat musty smell in hotel room?

Have your guest ever complained of musty smell in the hotel room ? In this lesson learn how to treat musty smell in hotel room.

A musty smell in a hotel room can be unpleasant and off-putting for guests.

It is important for hotel staff to address these issues promptly to ensure a comfortable stay for guests. So in this video, let us understand the common causes for the musty smell and what we can do to reduce it in the hotel.

The most common cause of musty smell in the rooms is your air conditioning system.Because of the chilled air, mold and mildew grow in rooms with Air conditioning . And if there is excess moisture in the hotel room, such as from leaks, seepage, humidity, or inadequate ventilation, it can create conditions that help the mold and mildew to grow. These fungi produce a musty odor.

Musty smell can also happen because of dirty carpet and upholstery. They can trap dirt and smells over time and that can lead to musty smell.

Sometimes old furniture can also cause musty smell. If your rooms have furniture made with M.D.F or engineered wood, these can absorb moisture. And then over time, these are released. in the room.

Sometimes guest come to stay for a long period of time. And they do not want the rooms to be serviced daily. They may also have lots of bags that are kept in the room. All these will trap and absorb odours, that can be hard to remove.

How to treat musty smell in hotel room

Once you identify the room with musty smell,you must act immediately to find the root cause. If you let it remain in the room for long, it will become more difficult to get rid of it.And no. Spraying room freshener and releasing the rooms is not a solution. It will only add to the problem later on.

As soon as you get musty smell issue, investigate the problem.

  • Clean the Air conditioning unit and F C U properly. If your rooms have central airconditioning, change the F C U filter and the water drain.
  • Next, if it is possible open the windows to improve cross ventilation. It may not be possible in many rooms. In that case, place dehumidifiers or ozonizers. Dehumidifiers remove the humidity from the room. Sometimes that helps remove the musty smell. Ozonizers on the other hand add ozone to the air and is effective to remove smells by oxidising them.
  • Get houskeeping to clean and sanitize the room and all surfaces.
  • Whenever your budget allows you, replace the old furniture if that is what you feel is the issue.

If you promptly address and treat musty smell in hotel rooms it will provide a positive guest experience and maintain a clean and comfortable environment.

If the musty smell does not go away, you may need to experiment with a few options and find the best solution for your hotel room. However doing the investigation is worth it.

Your guest will appreciate it when they stay with you.

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