How to upgrade a guest when you are sold out?

Often we will upsell our rooms to maximise revenue. At those times, we may have to end up upgrading a few guests to the next category of rooms. Other times, your guest may be eligible for an upgrade because of their loyalty status.

So how to upgrade a guest when you are sold out? Let us learn in this tutorial.

Read the Transcript.

Our base category is fully sold out. We will need to upgrade a few guests to the next category of rooms.

Have you checked if there is any cancellation in the category?

Yes, we have reconfirmed all arrivals. There is no cancellation.

Ok, in that case first try to upsell. If it does not work, then upgrade them.

Done sir.

Jay, today we are overbooked on the base category. I have taken approval from the general manager to upgrade a few guests to the next category of rooms. Can you please shortlist who we can upgrade or upsell? Check all the arrivals for the day.

How do we prioritise whom to upgrade?

Make a list of all the guests. If any guests are celebrating an event or milestone like the 5th visit or 10th visit, they should be our priority so that we are rewarding our loyal guests. If no one matches that category, then look at any repeat traveller. Someone who has stayed with us in the past and will appreciate the upgrade.

That way we can convert them to become loyal users of our hotel.

Got it.

We can upgrade these 4 guests. Mr Patra is due in some time. He should be upgraded because he is here for his 10th visit.

Good evening Mr Patra. Welcome back to the hotel. I have all your details with me, so I just need your signature on the registration card. As this is your 10th stay with us, I am upgrading you to the next category of room for this stay. The club room also gives you access to the club lounge on the 12th floor. We have a daily cocktail hour between 6 pm to 7 pm. I hope you will enjoy the club lounge this evening.

Thank you for your gesture.

What time will you need the car tomorrow morning?

8 am.

Noted sir. Have a wonderful stay with us.

Another reason we upgraded him was that he was staying with us only for a night. If he was staying for more than 2 nights, I would have first tried to upsell the room rather than just offer an upgrade.

Ok, I understand. Offer an upgrade to a guest celebrating a milestone, but preferably someone who is only staying for a night.

Yes, but your hotel may have a different policy. Discuss with your training manager or supervisor how you plan your upgrade in your hotel.

Or let me know in the comments below, what would you do.

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